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tv   The Story With Martha Mac Callum  FOX News  August 13, 2019 4:00pm-5:00pm PDT

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it that much more special. pretty cool. that z for "special report." fair, balanced, unafraid. "the story" starts right now. >> martha: thank you. good to have you here in new york. that evening. joe biden's presidential hopes have twice ended in iowa and elizabeth warren is hoping that the third time is not the charm. the massachusetts senator getting a lot of attention from the press. here is one typical. "elizabeth warren wiles and iowa." >> i don't know who was going to win, but we will have to hit pocahontas very hard again. she is staging a little bit of a comeback. what a group. pocahontas and sleepy joe. >> martha: what about joe biden? his campaign, a never-ending barrage of questions about his
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almost daily gasps. >> if you are poor you cannot do it. or kids are just as talented as white kids. i watch what happens when the kids from parkland marched up and they went off on the hill. eight more years of donald trump will change donald trump in a fundamental way, if you agree with me go to joe 303 and help me in this fight. we choose unity over division, science over division, truth over fact. >> martha: interesting there. the campaign advisor said this. >> you put a camera and somebody's face and you follow them for 100 days, anyone of us, we would be caught making a mistake. the difference is vice president biden has medially corrected himself.
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>> martha: iowa looking like this and elizabeth warren rising. the first caucus is still six months away, but it's possible that president trump could need to refocus his target because it looks like she is looking over joe biden's shoulder at the moment. let's bring in lara trump and then john delaney. trump 2020 senior advisor, good to have you here. i know you don't like polls but when you look at them now, it's a tight race between trump and joe biden and trump and elizabeth warren. president trump is ahead by 1% in two poles, fox and cnn. would you rather one against? >> i've always said i don't think it matters who this president runs against because people in this country are focused on how much better their life is under this president versus the socialist ideas that many of these candidates are proposing on the left.
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either one of them we are very happy to run against. i think the president has been very clear he's been happy to run against joe biden, but if it happens to be elizabeth warren we feel comfortable there. >> martha: david axelrod, he has been very reticent when it comes to joe biden, very cautious about supporting him. president obama has not come out, but he seems to be a fan of elizabeth warren. he says she has a super organization enter campaign is hot. when you look at the way the rest of the democratic party is looking at her, do you feel like they are honing in on her right now? >> yeah, perhaps that is the weight is going to go. we have so far to go until then. >> martha: anything can happen. >> we know how treacherous campaign seasons can be, especially the primaries, but it would be interesting to see rising number one target. up until now it has been
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joe biden and he hasn't done himself any favors. >> martha: i want to show you this exchange with my next guest who is john delaney, a democratic candidate and its reflective of something a lot of reporters have been pushing in terms of the narrative of white supremacy. watch this exchange. >> that is what i am saying. i'm not saying semantics, and being very direct. i said it! >> no you didn't! >> he supports white supremacist. what else can you conclude? >> martha: >> it is really sad s is where we are in our country, i don't know how many times the president has to denounce white supremacy and say he does not agree with it and he doesn't stand with any kind of racism which this president has done it numerous times, even after the charlottesville comments that they continue to criticize him
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for. they always cut the clip out where he denounces that but you never hear that. of course this president does not support white supremacy, that is a ridiculous talking point. >> martha: i hear you. we have reported that he has said that, for a number of reasons, politically democrats think it's advantageous to stoke the fire and another is that for some people he has an articulated it in a way that really hits home and sort of clears the air of it and they relate to the size of way. otherwise i don't think it would still be floating around. >> it continues to be pushed by the left. when you talk about what this president has been able to do in two years it is so hard to fight against that. when you have the best economy that we have seen in decades, almost ever in this country. when things are working for people they go back to work and they know they have somebody
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looking out for them. they want open borders, that is hard for them to fight again so what do you do? you call someone a racist or white supremacist. >> martha: i hear you. the dayton killer was determined today, he shot 26 people and 32 seconds with an assault rifle. there is an occasion the president wants to do something on guns. it is a ban on assault rifles and the conversation? is it something you guys talk about in terms of a campaign? would he be open? 26 people and 32 seconds. >> when you look at the statistics in this country, rifles do not kill more people than pistols. pistols killed far more people. >> martha: extremely quickly. >> that is right, but this is something the white house is working on and it's not something in the campaign we discussed on a daily basis but
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this president has been very clear. we continue to see horrific mass shootings and unfortunately it's been happening for decades. >> martha: there are a lot more now than there used to be. >> there were a lot under the obama administration. >> the numbers are higher. he wants to make it very clear that he takes this seriously and we have to do something. >> martha: thank you. always good to see you. i know you are due and a week. we might see you next week. best to you. thank you for being here. lara trump. >> martha: here and now john delaney. good to see you this evening. thank you for being here. we just played that moment when a group of reporters and maybe some of them were just onlookers, it's hard to tell or acknowledging you to call the president a white supremacist and you were sort of backed into a corner and you said yeah, that's what i'm saying. look he tells about that?
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>> what i was saying is i don't know the president and i don't know what's in his heart but he has in the past said things that have created an equivalency between people while protesting racism and people who are attacking and protesting people who are protesting racism, namely white supremacist. he provided an equivalency between those two things which i think it's terrible. >> martha: you just heard lara trump say they cut out the part where he says he doesn't abide by any form of white supremacy, so there is selective choosing. it is a dangerous -- it's a dangerous conversation and a dangerous thing to call someone and you did in that moment. i want to know if -- >> i actually didn't. what i did say is he has said things that have supported white supremacy and to me there is not a huge difference. the reason i said that was
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because the president of the united states, the words matter so much that a president utters, the tone that the president sets matters enormously because everyone in the country in the world looks at it. he thinks the president has done an terms of creating these equivalencies for example, even if later he gave a speech that might have backed away, i think it's a problem. i specifically did not call them that because i was asked to. >> martha: were those voters or reporters? >> who knows? you are in a gaggle with 50 people. in my judgment there is not a huge difference. we are talking about setting the tone, whether he is or isn't -- it's not relevant. what's relevant is the tone. that is why specifically -- >> martha: you don't like the tone. >> it's terrible! >> martha: i want to ask you
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about iowa, you have visited all the counties and put a lot of your time and effort there. sam like alexandria ocasio-cortez are saying it's time for you -- i think she said sashaying off the stage. are you going to make the next debate? what is your decision process? >> my decision process is straightforward, the only poll that matters is the iowa caucus. i still think it's pretty early. 25 of us running and five of them get all the attention in the field will narrow down quite a bit and i think things will change. the other thing that will happen, to be the president we have to put someone who is running on real solutions. a bunch of the leading candidates for president are running on things that not even the majority of democrats and the congress would vote for. >> martha: that is true. >> think about putting up a candidate, not even the majority of democrats would support.
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this is political suicide and i just think this will get sorted out. the democratic party will come around. >> martha: have given you a platform to talk a number of times here and were happy. thank you very much. good to see you tonight. coming up next, brand-new developments tonight in the jeffrey epstein investigation. former police commissioner who spent time in that same correctional center where he took his own life knows what it's like to be absolutely desperate to get out of that place. he tells you about that next. the investigative journalist who covered his story from the very beginning on why this story is far from over. ♪ flonase sensimist. nothing stronger. nothing gentler. nothing lasts longer. flonase sensimist. 24 hour non-drowsy allergy relief
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>> martha: we now know that jeffrey epstein found his own way out of his misery, but we still don't know exactly what happened. was someone paid off to leave him alone long enough to do that? the day at the facility where he was left alone for hours. my next gas bernard knows both sides of that building. he went to commissioner to inmate for three years. some of that time was spent in the manhattan correction center were jeffrey epstein died. he was convicted of tax evasion and in his book he recalls the blood-curdling screams that echoed from the shoe and writes come my lay on my bed shivering listening to this kid screamed blood murder, his cries echoed the strain i felt inside, desperation, despair and even
4:17 pm
the fear of madness. former police commissioner of new york city. there is no one else will have that story. what new and unique story. >> it's not a story i wanted. >> martha: i hear you. when you think of him in that cell, you spent time in coming that hall. he didn't have any way out. use a light at the end of the tunnel. >> i was actually held there as a state witness. i wasn't charged specifically to be in that facility i had come from a minimum-security camp but i was placed in solitary confinement the same one he was in and i can tell you this as a guide that was worth hundreds of millions of dollars. he is looking at a case that will put them away for 45 years to life. he has not been secluded to an eight by 15 cell, concrete self that has a bunk bed, no bars or
4:18 pm
windows, no nothing. that will be his life for the rest. getting make a decision. we'll live with this and stay here or do i put an end to it and he chose to put nan to read. >> martha: as i heard you say earlier, you can figure out why. if you really want to end it. >> a number of people through the last few days -- it's impossible, no it's not. i ran the largest jail system, i promise you with 133,000 inmates a year that went through our system, they want to do it they can do it. >> martha: what do you think could have happened here? there was a cbs report that said the people who are watching him falsified some of their reports about how often they were checking in on him and is a possible somebody paid off somebody and said don't pay attention to them for a few hours tonight? >> that is always possible, but
4:19 pm
the bottom line is the attorney general knows this already, he has access. there is tapes in that quarter between the two walls, there are tapes and video that would be captured on the north side and south side of that hallway and that will tell you anyone who was on the hallway and how many times those bad checks were made and anyone who went into the cell were come out to any movement in that area. those cameras would grab that. on sunday morning when the attorney general was outraged he already knew. there were problems. i will be clear, the agency nationwide, there is a lot of mismanagement, a lot of things that need to be changed and i think this is an opportunity for this attorney general to start an mcc in lower manhattan and make those changes. >> martha: those are two different things.
4:20 pm
you have mismanagement which can be people working long hours on the other side which is the possibility that somebody may have helped to buy him some time in order to do this. do you think -- how real a possibility to think that is? >> the timepiece to a ligature to create it, apply it and be dead, it's 10 minutes. those are 30 minute bad checks depending on the direction and the order from the command. when you do a bad check you have to physically look in that cell and see a body and if that body is bleeding. it doesn't take long for you to end your life. if you want to do what you can do it within eight to 10 minutes. >> martha: thank you very much. thank you for coming in. also here this evening, casey frank the senior editor for the "miami herald" the paper that spearheaded a lot of the early reporting into what happened in the first round of all of this with the deal that he supposedly
4:21 pm
got down there. good to see you and thank you for being here. reports this evening about the fbi combing over this island in the virgin islands, a strange little place where who knows what went on. there is a blue structure people are trying to figure out what is. there've been reports that there is a safe in there that has perhaps things other than money. looking he tells about any of this? >> not a whole lot about what they found. we just know that they went down there last night in speedboats. the fbi and new york city police, customs and local police, dared some vehicles that belonged to jeffrey epstein and started combing through the place. we are told they are still there today that they may be camped out there for quite some time. as to what they found we have no reporting on that at this time.
4:22 pm
>> martha: with regard to -- usually when someone dies their case is over about one of the charges against him was conspiracy which was looking at a larger group of people. that as far as i understand allow them to keep taking on this case and a lot of those potential conspirators are women who were recruiters who worked with him offensively to bring in these young girls to this island. what can you tell us about that part of the story? >> absolutely. there are a number of people who could face charges in the not-too-distant future. one of them would certainly be maxwell who was allegedly mr. epstein's pimp, but he also had schedulers, women who went out to party and malls to accrued woman. he had paymasters and as you
4:23 pm
said, one of the charges was conspiracy and you cannot conspire with yourself so i would expect to see some charges coming fairly soon in this case. there is a lot known about others who aided and abetted his alleged activities. >> martha: a quick question before i let you go. why was she not -- she could have been charged in the last round in florida but she was no not. >> i cannot tell you that. i do know that there are some question over where she might be at this time. of course it is conceivable that she has been charged or she has been flipped as part of the original investigation of mr. epstein. i know nothing directly about that, but certainly the number one person on the feds list
4:24 pm
would be maxwell going forward and of course she is from britain originally. the daughter of a press magnet in that country. she has a wide circle of friends all over the world. she could be anywhere. >> martha: thank you very much. great work by the "miami herald" all the way through. good to have you here. coming up, china is on the march trying to beat the u.s. militarily, technology, trade, now they are launching a brutal crackdown on protesters in hong kong. what is the next move on this as far as the white house is concerned? marc thiessen is here next. ♪ through the airport or risk having your clubs lost or damaged by the airlines. sending your own clubs ahead with makes it fast & easy
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♪ >> martha: the world is getting a revealing look at how china deals with democracy. the government says the protesters are terroristic and on day two of the shutdown at the hong kong airport. this is what happened. beijing said protesters are asking for self-destruction. how a president trump respond to his friend on this? trace gallagher with the story tonight. >> right now there is a temporary calm at the airport, but with both sides are putting their position things are expected to get ugly in a few hours. the only reason things are calm now is because a riot police are armed with pepper spray and batons and were fighting with protesters who barricaded. they showed signs of violence when they badly beat two people who they believed were undercover agents. all of these airport demonstrations and disruptions
4:30 pm
are part of a month-long movement over what many residents see as an erosion of the freedoms they were promised in 1997 when communist china took over what was a british colony, the question is what the next move might be. president trump tweeted, "our intelligence has informed us that the chinese government is moving troops to the border. everybody should be calm and safe." the remains of the military presence is meant to intimidate or spark a wider operation, they say the flight of hong kong 7 million residents will serve as an important lesson about what china has in mind for the rest of the world saying chipping away at hong kong's freedom is a i can to violating the united states and stealing intellectual properties with the u.s. and others quoting, and some beijing
4:31 pm
has a well-deserved record for playing fast and loose with the rules as it tries to bully its way to the top. has actions with hong kong only reinforced that reputation. breaking right now amid all of this tension. china has just denied a request for two u.s. navy ships to visit hong kong in the coming weeks. the exact reason for that denial is unclear. >> martha: thank you very much. joining me now, marc thiessen, what is going on? fox news contributor. good to see you tonight. let's jump to the breaking news. two ships that were scheduled to go into report and hong kong have now been rejected. what does that tell you about where this is right now? >> the united states is weak when it comes to this because trump has taken a position of neutrality. he hasn't spoke on behalf of the
4:32 pm
protesters. beijing sees that as weakness. donald trump as a president who has stood up to him and the first to do so to the chinese leaders and he is not standing up to them when it comes to this and if he wants to get a good trade deal, the perceptions of weakness available crackdown on hong kong and we let them get away with it that they will not give us a good trade deal. china is a bully and the only way to deal with a bully is to confront them and confront them with consequences. >> martha: that says the something that typically the united states speaks out of. it's interesting to note, given the pressure that the president has put on the president when it comes to trade and that seems to be the central focus and maybe he doesn't want to let these other issues get in the mix, especially if he feels like he is starting to make some progress. they just delay the tariffs. maybe there are some movement on this deal, however you look at these two incidences and you
4:33 pm
have a million people in camp in china something the administration has not spoken out about and i have this in hong kong. >> absolutely and they are not separate things. you can't come tom mack compartmentalize them. china is moving away from authoritarianism under the leadership and totalitarian regimes don't respond to property rights, democratic rights and they don't respect their partners so this is all part of the same pattern and let president trump needs to realize is that he is in a very weak position. it seems like everybody is afraid he will crackdown on hong kong and that there is nothing that can be done. hong kong is the golden goose. he needs hong kong. because of trump's tariffs and economic policies, their economy is in real trouble and if he were to crack down ten mn square style ,
4:34 pm
the golden goose would be kille killed. this isn't like an easy thing for him to do. >> martha: all the more reason to put the pressure on. we will see. thank you. always good to see you. coming up next on "the story," jason chaffetz says they are using election security to pull off a power grab. he will explain the details on that and debated, coming up next. ♪ if your glasses aren't perfect, we'll fix them.
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4:39 pm
election security or something else. something else is what jason chaffetz suggest and has written about, author of the new book "power grab." former aide to senator chuck schumer, good to have both of you. jason, quickly explained to us what you think is going on. >> i think the democrats are doing everything opposite of voter security. you need to authenticate who you think that person is, they want to pass the hout and setting in the senate does not allow for that verification. it does not allow governors to cross reference with the postal service to make sure that people are only voting once, a publicly financed as campaigns 6-1 one se if to pull money out of your pocket and publicly financed these campaigns. it allows same-day voter registration but without the ballot so it won't get to the
4:40 pm
main stream. authentication is the key to this and the democrats are not allowing that to happen and that is why mitch mcconnell and donald trump are doing the right thing. >> martha: you are saying this wouldn't allow states to double check and make sure the people who are voting are who they say they are? that is what you are talking about? >> it also allows for a boat harvesting so someone can pick up your ballot and return it in for you without an election official. >> martha: that sounds troubling. >> there used to be a time and congress where we saw a problem like right now we have an election security problem that all of our officials agree upon and they say russia and other foreign hostile powers are trying to hack into our voting system in congress would try to fix that. one party made a proposal and had some things right, some things they didn't like. they talked about it. now mitch mcconnell won't even bring it up for debate, we won't
4:41 pm
see any. we will have off beds written by jason, other things going on and people calling it boat harvesting and trying to consolidate power but we are not getting to a solution. we have a problem. it has been agreed upon by everybody that their people trying to hack. >> martha: here's what i don't like. what they want is for the folks on the hill to be able to provide better election security and figure out a way that people can't hack into our systems, but both sides will accuse the other side of making these changes to benefit them somehow electorally. why doesn't senator mitch mcconnell just take a look at this bill and say i'm not -- this won't pass and that won't pass but here's where we agree, let's work on it. >> let's start with the first thing, can you agree we should authenticate who that voter is may be through some identification? democrats can even get through that door let alone do all the
4:42 pm
other things, there are 30 different provisions. >> is that something you can agree one? >> martha: people should have to prove who they are when they go to vote like when you take an airplane? >> i think that's a fake problem and jason knows, who has i.d. and who does not. that is why the republican party failed, they want to keep people from voting. >> people who don't have driver's license. >> you can authenticate it by yourself. >> martha: i don't think anybody can hear either one of you. >> you have to authenticate and you have to allow the secretaries of state to validate validate who these voters are. that's fair. >> martha: why is that not reasonable and then i have to go. >> anthony michael hall from the
4:43 pm
breakfast club along so they can vote, nobody does that and america. there've been countless studies. it's a problem that you are trying to scare with your voters. >> they are trying to hack our election and so are the chinese and mitch mcconnell better get off his butt and fix that. >> martha: that wasn't very nice. thank you very much. good to see you. >> get off your keister and do something. >> that's a little better. >> martha: does president trump want to bring about the end of monarch butterflies or is there more to the fight over the endangered species list? i wanted to know the answers to these questions so we will debate that coming up next. ♪' i couldn't have asked for better parents, but like most people they didn't have anyone to teach them the best financial habits.
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the best tv experience is the best tv value. xfinity x1. simple. easy. awesome. xfinity. the future of awesome. ♪ >> martha: what if we were told that you i do shutdown your family business and lose your livelihood in order to save this. there are 500,000 of them left in america. there used to be a lot more. by one estimate our country stands to lose 31,000 jobs and $5.06 and economic activity if this rough play chicken sized bird that roams the western u.s.
4:48 pm
is added to the endangered species list. it's not the only animal that cost billions to keep alive. from monarch butterflies to obtain cranes and the wild mountain caribou. environmentalists say protections are necessary to save these insects and animals and that is well worth the cost. citing the case of the bald eagle which was thankfully saved thanks to the endangered species act, there are lots of bald eagles, but the trump white house as there is no other way. the two sides are like bison butting heads, so who is right? katie pavlich, fox news contributor and david hayes, former secretary at the department of the interior under president obama and now executive director of the environmental impact center at nyu law's will. thank you for being here. stephen, what is wrong with this act? >> i don't think anything is
4:49 pm
wrong with the act. it has been working really quite well for decades. >> martha: what is wrong with what the white house wants to do? >> the regulations that came out yesterday do nothing to protect species, nothing to make the process go better, but instead are all about scaling back protections. they are anti-wildlife. they are putting new restraints on common sense protection of wildlife and of endangered species. there is no need to step back. what we should be doing a stepping forward more and building on the positive examples that we have had through the last several decades of how we can protect species and be attentive to economics. >> martha: that sounds pretty good. >> that sounds great, but the trump administration is doing exactly that, moving forward with more protection with
4:50 pm
threatened species making sure each category is treated differently and not the same and second and most importantly, incentivizing property owners who own habitat for these animals to be incentivized to preserve their habitat, and stabbed the way the system works on the way the endangered species act has been abused is that any time the government find some kind of endangered species on your property they take you to court and could be locked up for years and decades and instead the new regulation which are not a change in law, congress will have to do that. it incentivizes private property owners to work with the government on how to make sure that those animals can live in partnership with private property owners because as we have seen the federal government can't do anything and there have been detrimental effects. the government not being able to take care of all the habitats
4:51 pm
they want to control. >> martha: what do you say to that? there are farms in places that really feel like these are regulations that don't allow them to run their businesses and have their livelihood and that there has to be a way to protect animals in america, but also not to step on their rights to grow and build their businesses. >> that is absolutely right. those are very legitimate concerns and i wish it were true that these regulations that came out helped in that regard. they don't. they say nothing about safe harbors or land owners, nothing about voluntary habitat conservation plans that were put in place during the clinton administration. what they do however is take away protections for threatened species. let me mention something else, you mentioned that bird and the
4:52 pm
economic factors, sage grouse is a perfect example of how the trump administration is working against that, there was an opportunity for nine western governors to gather with the department with the oil and gas industry and the wind industry, both of which are very concerned about the protection because it can impact their ability to expand. they reached an agreement to protect key habitats for the species. this was bipartisan. it was huge. the biggest conservation deal in history since trump came into play. that is being undone, in fact -- speed want this was an issue during the election and the states that have this issue all voted for president trump. didn't they? >> i think it's important to point out that the regulations that were put into place by the trump administration this week have been worked on by
4:53 pm
conservation groups for decades. they have long been calling for changes towards the endangered species act, it would prevent private industry and private people from being able to be a partner with the federal government to preserve and conserve endangered and threatened species. that is what this regulation does. david hayes and katie pavlich, thank you. good to see you. coming up next, a wild shoot-out near a california freeway. this is an unbelievable story and now a highway patrol officer is dead. what we will show you after the break. stick around. ♪ [sfx: poof] [sfx: squeaking eraser sound effect.] ♪ i am who i wanna be ♪ ♪ who i wanna be ♪ who i wanna be. ♪ i'm a strong individual ♪ feeling that power ♪ i'm so original, ♪ ya sing it louder. ♪ i am, ooo ooo ooo ooo
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>> martha: we are learning new details tonight about this wild shoot-out that left a left california highway patrol officer dead. the driver who engage those officers had a lengthy rap sheet
4:58 pm
which included charges of battery, unlawful possession of a firearm and assault with a deadly weapon to name a few. correspondent anita vogel has a story for us from los angeles tonight. i >> it was a broad daylight in the terrifying and dramatic moments were all caught on video. you can see office of close exchanging gunfire with the suspect. it all started with a traffic stop in the california patrol officer pulling over a white gmc pickup. he determined it needed to be impounded and while he fills out the paperwork for a tow truck, the suspect reaches back into his vehicle pulling out a high caliber rifle and opens fire on the officer. officer andre moye died after he was airlifted to a area hospital. before being transported, the officer was able to call for backup and several nearby agencies responded. some of those cops can be seen carefully dragging another wounded officer to safety.
4:59 pm
34 your old patrol officer moye was married and he had just three years on the force. >> he was so kind, and he said, -- the suspect 49-year-old aaron luther was killed at the scene. he's described as an ex-con who has served time in prison. he shot and wounded two other officers and some bystanders report being hit by either shrapnel or flying glass. officer moye is the fourth california police officer to be shot and killed in the line of duty this year. flags at the state capital are flying at half-staff today. martha? >> martha: tragedy. and a reminder of how difficult those jobs are.
5:00 pm
that is the story on this tuesday, august 13, 2019. but as always the story goes on and we will see you back here tomorrow night at 7:00. tucker carlson up next from washington, d.c. good night, everybody. ♪ >> tucker: good evening and welcome to "tucker carlson tonight," and i'm mark steyn come in for tucker who has gone fishing. but don't worry, he will be making a special appearance right here just a little later so don't miss that. but first, in the days since of jeffrey epstein's apparent suicide in the new york jail house, the circumstances of his death are only growing ever more bizarre. our fox chief breaking news correspondent trace gallagher with the latest


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